Her Voice Movement

National Rally

July 13-15 2022

Join Pastor Callie Shipp Gray and Jenny Donnelly for prayer, worship, evangelism, and REVIVAL!

About Pastor Callie

Pastor Callie is a passionate lover of Jesus, the local church and the body of Christ at large. In 2002, she answered the call of God to plant a church, co-founding Celebration of Life Church in Baytown, Texas.  As a prayer warrior and prophetic voice to many, Pastor Callie, ferociously follows her heart to help women be everything God has called them to be through her ministry, Mother’s in Zion. She  is now partnering with Jenny Donnelly to facilitate, Her Voice Movement. This movement follows the call and mandate on her life to gather 1 million+ women to pray, fast and reestablish righteousness and justice in this nation, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

“I love to see people step into their God given destinies.

I love to fight for that.

I love to prophetically declare that.

I love to help people walk that plan out.

That is who I am. I believe in women.

I have a strong belief that a submitted woman to Christ can change the world.

It is not complicated … pretty streamlined actually.” – Pastor Callie

Pastor Callie’s life will inspire you to desire more of Jesus! She loves life, loves to laugh, and loves to have fun. She loves to enjoy people as she shares the truths of God with them.


“Serving God is serious and important, not something to be taken lightly, BUT, God means for us to enjoy life.

I like to enjoy my salvation!” – Pastor Callie


“I am a prayer warrior.

I am a happy prayer warrior.

I have a passion to pray for others, and to teach them to pray for themselves and the world they influence.” – Pastor Callie

Prayer is the foundation of your walk with God. It’s the place where God illuminates and brings to life the Scriptures, revelation about your life, and His wisdom to handle the challenges and struggles that life brings.

Prayer – simply put – is intimacy with the Father. Through intimacy we find breakthrough in our lives, build a life line connection to the Lord and cultivate joy through gratitude to sustain us daily.

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Partner with Us

We are traveling nationwide to train and empower a million women to pray, fast, and dedicate themselves to do thier part in changing thier homes, communities and nation.  

As we bring rallies to each city nationwide, we invite you to partner with us prayerfully, financially and corporately. 

Want your ministry to lock arms with ours?